Script Writing & Script Health Check

As a voice-over specialist I feel a huge sense of pride knowing my voice is heard around the world. Whether it’s a Russian fairy tale, an American infomercial, website navigation in Vietnam or an educational app for young children – I take time to study the script in detail so I can deliver the very best recording for my client.

However, as my work is international, I often receive a script written by someone whose first language isn’t English. Ultimately my client needs my voice to help sell their product or service. However, if the script isn’t well-written and created with the intention of making the sale or doesn’t sound authentic, then the client won’t receive the desired results.

I’m very happy to “tweak” scripts I receive as part of the service I offer (with client consent, of course). However, there are times when I can see a client has a great product or service but needs a script re-write to maximise potential sales or interest.

Or you may feel yourself that your existing script “falls short” in conveying your important message?

Use my “script health check” service where I assess your script in detail and inject extra impact, re-writing your script as needed.

Lovely Voice also offers a full script writing service if you know you have a great product but just don’t know how to find the right words to sell it.

For a no-obligation quote to write your script or give your existing script a health check, contact me now.

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