Equipment and Processing




At LovelyVoice we believe in delivering the highest possible quality, and we do not compromise anywhere in the process.

First, we record the audio in our studio using professional equipment. If we’re not totally happy with the recording we’ll continue until we get it right. We have been known to do 5 or more takes before we’re totally happy that we’re getting it right.

Next, we process the audio with iZotope RX5 which is one of the premier processing systems for removing room noise and other artifacts.

Processing-flat-2We then start on detailed processing of the file. To ensure a perfect result we need to remove clicks, breaths, noise introduced by the electrical system, and more.

Clicks are actually sounds from the mouth, where the tongue is moving around in the mouth when speaking. Normally we don’t notice these sounds, and in low quality microphones it’s not an issue. However, in high quality recordings these sounds can become very audible and must be removed from the recording. Even Hollywood movie studios suffer these clicks when making feature films. This is a manual and work intensive process.

The end result is a perfect recording for your benefit!

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